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Nutmeg Essential Oil's Health Attributes

Early Europeans dispatched explorers to the far corners of the globe in search of an especially beneficial little nut known as Myristica fragrans, better known as nutmeg. This spice was hard to come by during ancient civilizations, but the rewards were high for those that did. Bloody wars were fought over access to nutmeg, and murderous ambushes happened in the trade routes in India, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Nutmeg is not just the tasty spice used in baked and stewed goodies but also an effective natural medicine that has graced the apothecary cabinets of history's greatest medicine men in China, India, and the Middle East.

Today, nutmeg and its essential oil have been studied profoundly for its many health benefits. Nutmeg essential oils have been used to treat arthritis, digestive difficulty, and many other health conditions. The following is an overview of some of the nutmeg's healthy attributes.

nutmeg oil uses

1Treats Liver Disease

Nutmeg oil has been found to be an excellent liver tonic. It aids in eliminating toxins from the body and protecting the liver from damage. Liver treatment and protection are the oldest and most well-known uses of nutmeg oil as a medicine.

Nutmeg continues to benefit the all-important liver with a high quantity of vitamin K. This allows the liver to boost its production of proteins that are essential in clotting the blood and repairing the body. It also affects the breakdown and replenishment of damaged and dying cells. Finally, nutmeg allows the liver to metabolize more effectively, leading to a healthier weight and higher energy levels, especially for those who have an active lifestyle.

nutmeg oil uses

2Improves Blood Circulation

Nutmeg oil also has blood stimulating properties. By improving the circulation of blood in the body, nutmeg oil also enhances cognitive function and engenders a "feel good" sensation when the body is at rest. Those who have poor blood circulation tend to feel exhausted and mentally fatigued, and they can take longer to gather energy reserves, which are depleted quickly.

The circulatory system also includes all the major blood vessels, heart, and lungs that provide vital oxygen. This system is responsible for carrying the life-bringing nutrients and hormones to the body; without this, the cells would die or, at the very least, cease to function effectively. The improper functioning of the circulatory system can also drag down the immune system, making the individual more susceptible to diseases. Homeostasis is the body's very own chemical balancing function; the balance can become thrown off if the circulatory system begins to go awry.

nutmeg oil uses

3Relieves Menstrual Cramps

The discomfort of menses is another condition addressed by the compounds found in the nutmeg spice. The mood swings, mild to severe cramping, depression, and hormonal imbalance are all characteristics of menstrual cycles. It can be eased by addressing the systems that control and balance this necessary function.

As mentioned, nutmeg is an effective booster for blood circulation. It can also aid in balancing hormones and chemicals in the body. Nutmeg can allow for a smoother and gentler cycle when taken as a part of an ongoing process of better health and to balance the body's functions.

nutmeg oil uses

4For A Relaxing Footbath

The daily toil can require some people to spend a good portion of the day on their feet. Travelers, commuters, and the very fatigued can find relief in a basin of hot water with four to five drops of nutmeg essential oil. Just let your feet relax as the water cools. Remove your feet before the water gets cold and massage them so that the oils can gently penetrate the skin and begin their work on the muscles and tissues.

But don't stop there. When used as a massage oil, nutmeg essential oil can also relieve muscle swelling, pains from exertions, and even the worst inflammation. This also promotes circulation and can keep a pregnant mommy from developing painful varicose veins. A regular footbath like this can also prevent your feet from developing harmful fungi.

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5It Treats Indigestion

Nutmeg oil helps with digestion. It can relieve stomachaches and the discomfort of gas caused by poor digestive function. Some aspects of modern life are bad for digestion, such as stress, time limits, and pressing concerns; everything under the sun prevents the modern person from sitting down and enjoying their lives.

Nutmeg oil is a vital aid in reducing the worst effects of indigestion, including flatulence, diarrhea, and nausea. Nutmeg oil is also used to increase the appetite of those who have poor eating habits. Five or six drops of nutmeg essential oil can be added to your bathwater or mixed into a soothing carrier oil, like olive oil or coconut oil, and then rubbed on the tummy to treat any of the conditions mentioned above. Nutmeg oil can also be ingested, but this should be done sparingly and with a very low dose, as this is primarily a potent medicine.

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6It Reduces Pain

The athletic community has been a faithful customer of the nutmeg essential oil emporium. It has been used since the times of the very first Greek Olympics in Ancient Olympia. Nothing addresses the knotted, cramped-up muscles like a topical massage with nutmeg oil.

It is also a great sedative for addressing minor muscular pains from all kinds of injuries and misuse. In China, athletes, soldiers, and martial arts practitioners have also used nutmeg essential oil. They used it to treat wounds and improve performance.

 what nutmeg oil is good for

7Treats Respiratory Problems

Nutmeg is also an important ingredient in the production of cold syrups and medicated ointments for improving respiration. Rubbing this oil on the chest has been a remedy for the breathing difficulties associated with asthma. Asthma attacks can come at any time.

They are commonly triggered by smoke, emotional stress, perfumes, and other airborne irritants. At the moment, a cure for asthma has not been discovered. Nutmeg oil is about the best treatment any patient could hope for.

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8It Improves Cognition

The world is highly enthusiastic over nootropics. This is due to the brain-boosting and exhaustion-reducing properties they can provide to the taxed mind. Nutmeg was one of the costliest spices in existence in the ancient world.

This is because it was scarce at that time. Kings, politicians, and the greatest minds would spend small fortunes to secure a regular supply. They used it to boost cognitive function.

nutmeg oil uses

Nutmeg essential oil is obtained by steam distilling the dried kernels of the ripe seeds of the nutmeg. This fruit is native to Moluccas Islands, an area known as the Spice Islands, but it is also grown in Sri Lanka, Java (Indonesia), and Penang (Malaysia). Nutmeg is produced from an evergreen tree that also produces mace, another type of spice.

Various civilizations used the essential oil of nutmeg. The Indians used it to treat intestinal problems. It was also used for embalming the dead by the Egyptians. During the Elizabethan era, nutmeg oil gained popularity because it was believed to be effective against the plague, but it came with a high price; the sellers charged exorbitant prices for it.

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