8 Interesting Uses Of Nutmeg Essential Oil

 nutmeg oil for pain
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 how to use nutmeg essential oil

Nutmeg is more than just a spice. In fact, over the past decade or so, this spice has risen in the ranks of popularity due to it being an effective treatment for digestive and joint problems. However, the many uses of nutmeg do not stop with these ailments; the number of benefits is so enormous that you will make sure to keep this oil in your house at all times.

Nutmeg is native to the Maluku Islands, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, and the spice has also been known to thrive in the Caribbean. In ancient Europe, one of the most expensive and sought-after spices was nutmeg. Its medicinal properties were beneficial in curtailing the spread of the plague during the Elizabethan era.

 how to use nutmeg essential oil

1For Pain Reduction

If you have muscular or joint pain, nutmeg oil can be an excellent topical treatment because it has soothing properties. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, the oil can be liberally applied to an affected area if you have arthritis, lumbago, or rheumatoid arthritis. The spice is a significant medicinal element of Chinese medicine as well for treating inflammation and abdominal pain.

When you overexert your muscles, it is common to feel pain or aches in your muscles and body. With these types of cases, using nutmeg oil can help alleviate and even eliminate the pain. The oil has also been applauded for reducing joint swelling.

nutmeg oil uses

2Kidney Health Improvement

The oil from this spice is often recommended in the treatment of kidney-related conditions, like kidney stones, kidney infections, and kidney disease. Nutmeg oil is effective in dissolving painful kidney stones while also helping maintain the health of the kidneys and assisting in the natural detoxification process. Furthermore, nutmeg oil prevents uric acid from building up in other areas of the body and prevents the development of medical conditions, like gout and inflammation around the joints.

The kidneys are two of the most vital organs in the body. These organs perform a multitude of functions, but their primary role is being the key player in the body's urinary process. These organs do not only filter toxins from the blood, but they also eliminate wastes from the body and help keep blood pressure balanced by managing the delicate salt and water ratio in your body.

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3Treatment Of Respiratory Issues

Nutmeg oil is used in the creation of many well-known cold rubs and cough medicines. It is beneficial in relieving symptoms related to the common cold and alleviating congestion also. Many believed that the properties of the oil could also help those who have asthma.

These types of attacks are typically triggered when a person's respiratory tract is exposed to allergens, smoke, stress, exercise, warm air, moist air, or fragrances. The body responds to these irritants by causing the airways to have an allergic reaction. Currently, there is no known cure for this medical condition. The good news is that there are various home therapies and treatments as well as medications that can help save a person's life during an asthma attack.

 how to use nutmeg essential oil

4Motion Sickness Prevention

Nausea and vomiting are related to psychological as well as physical problems; if you keep a positive attitude and happy mood by using aromatherapy, you can keep your mental health in balance. Nutmeg essential oil has an aroma that is distinct, and it can be inhaled while you are traveling. The oil can also prevent motion sickness-related symptoms, such as vomiting and nausea.

Just put several drops on a cotton pad or handkerchief and take a deep breath. Another option is to place the essential oil in an inhaler. You can easily carry the inhaler in your pocket and use it when necessary.

 how to use nutmeg essential oil

5For A Natural Footbath

Nothing feels better than relaxing your feet after a long day. You can place a few drops of nutmeg essential oil in a footbath that's filled with warm water. Keep your feet in the water until the water cools down. While your feet are in the water, massage each foot entirely so the oil can penetrate the skin and muscles.

Nutmeg oil is an excellent oil for tired muscles but especially useful in soothing tired feet. When the oil is used during a massage, it can relieve muscle pain, inflammation, swelling, and it also helps improve blood flow and circulation. Also, this natural footbath can protect the feet from fungi and athlete's foot.

nutmeg oil uses

6Blood Circulation Improvement

As previously discussed, this oil is an excellent stimulant. Not only does it stimulate the mind but also the entire body. While the intoxicating aroma soothes the mind, the oil helps boost blood flow in the body and is beneficial to those who have sluggish blood circulation.

The circulatory system is actually comprised of several smaller systems that work together in harmony, such as the systemic (arteries, veins), cardiovascular (heart), and pulmonary (lungs). The circulatory system's primary function is to maintain the flow of gases, oxygen, blood, nutrients, and hormones from and to every cell. If a person has an inefficient circulatory system and does not maintain proper body temperature or a homeostasis environment, they are at a higher risk of developing infections and diseases.

nutmeg oil uses

7Liver Disease Treatment

Nutmeg essential oil is also beneficial as a liver tonic because it supports a healthy liver by getting rid of harmful toxic materials. Treating liver disease is just one of the oil's advantages. Because of its ability to remove toxins from the liver, it is the primary reason why it is a natural choice as a liver tonic.

With the assistance of vitamin K, proteins are produced in the liver that is necessary for blood clotting. The liver is also the only organ in the body that "digests" or breaks down blood cells that are old or have been damaged. The organ also plays a significant role in the metabolic processes that occur in the body. The liver also helps break down fats and convert them into energy.

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8Menstrual Cramp Relief

Many women of childbearing age face issues with their menstrual cycles and also experience painful cramps during their menstrual periods. Nutmeg oil can help alleviate many of these problems for women. It can also help with other symptoms related to menstrual periods, like PMS, depression, mood swings, and hormonal imbalances. It is the nuts (seeds) of this fruit that make nutmeg essential oil.

Depression, a common mood disorder, affects millions around the world. Depression is a medical condition that encompasses every aspect of a person's life and can quickly take control of the mind, thoughts, and body. Even though it is treatable, unfortunately, it often goes untreated in many individuals.

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The nutmeg tree can reach a height of over 30 feet. It is considered an evergreen tree. It can live well over a century.

In fact, some of the oldest trees in the world are nutmeg trees. Some are over 700 years old. The tree bears fruit that is similar in appearance to apricots.

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