8 Health Uses Of Nutmeg Essential Oil

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Nutmeg Oil's Various Health Applications

Nutmeg goes by many different names in various countries, such as muscdier, mace, magic, noz mocada, muskatbaum, nux moschata, and nuez moscada. The Latin name for the nutmeg tree is Myristica fragrans, and it can grow quite tall and reach a height of up to 70 feet. The seeds of the nutmeg tree fruits are used to make nutmeg essential oil.

When dried, the fruit produces the seed (nutmeg) with a covering called the mace. Traditionally, people believed that nutmeg was effective against the plague, making it quite popular during the Elizabethan era. Nutmeg is more than just a spice; here are eight health benefits of nutmeg essential oil.

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1Soothes Your Feet

Nutmeg oil lets you relax your feet after a long day of standing at work or traveling. To do this, pour five to six drops of this essential oil into a bowl of warm water. Now, dip your feet until the water cools down and massage your feet in that water to let the oil penetrate your soles and skin to help you relax.

Nutmeg essential oil works like magic on tired feet. This essential oil will not only help relieve muscle pain, inflammation, and swelling but will also help promote circulation when used for massage. At the same time, this footbath will also help prevent athlete's foot or other kinds of fungi.

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2Improves Blood Circulation

Overall, nutmeg essential oil is a great stimulant. It's not only good for the mind but also for the whole body. The relaxing aromas from this oil comfort the body and raise blood circulation; therefore, it is quite beneficial for people with symptoms of poor blood circulation.

The circulatory system of the body is made up of three independent systems that work in unison. These include the cardiovascular system (heart), respiratory or pulmonary system (lungs), and systemic system (veins, arteries, portal, and coronary vessels). The system controls the flow of nutrients, blood, oxygen, and other materials, such as hormones, to and from the cells. Without the circulatory system, the body would be unable to obtain the necessary nutrients to fight diseases or keep an optimal internal environment, including proper pH and temperature. This state is called homeostasis.

 nutmeg essential oil for liver

3Promotes Kidney Health

Nutmeg essential oil is usually recommended for the treatment of kidney diseases and kidney infections. It can dissolve kidney stones, which helps the detoxification process and in maintaining healthy kidneys. Additionally, this prevents the accumulation of uric acid in other parts of the body, such as those which could lead to joint inflammation or gout.

Kidneys are among the most vital parts of the body. They serve a variety of purposes, the most notable and significant of which is being the main player in the urinary function of the body. Not only do kidneys filter the blood in the body, but they also remove toxins and other wastes through excretion and regulate a proper balance of salt and water in the body to maintain optimal blood pressure.

 what nutmeg oil is good for

4It Relieves Pain

Since nutmeg essential oil is an excellent sedative, it’s widely used to treat muscle and joint pain. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it an effective treatment for rheumatism, arthritis, and lumbago. Nutmeg oil is a vital component of Chinese medicine and is used in the treatment of inflammation and abdominal pain.

In many cases, overexertion causes muscle or body aches. Nutmeg essential oil can be vital in alleviating pain. It also helps in reducing any swelling that may have developed in the joints.

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5Treats Liver Disease

Since nutmeg oil is effective in getting rid of substances or toxins that are potentially harmful to the liver, it’s commonly referred to as a liver tonic. Promoting good liver health and treating liver disease are the most important benefits of this essential oil. Its effectiveness in getting rid of toxins from the body makes it a good liver tonic.

The liver uses vitamin K to produce proteins that are very important in blood clotting. It’s also among the organs in the body that break down damaged or old blood cells. The liver also has a significant role in the metabolic processes in the body. In fact, metabolism in the liver breaks down fats to produce energy.

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6It Treats Indigestion

This essential oil is helpful in digestion. It can relieve stomachaches and get rid of gas in the stomach and intestines. As such, nutmeg essential oil is good for flatulence, indigestion, diarrhea, and vomiting. The oil also helps boost the appetite.

If you have symptoms, such as nausea, loss of appetite, constipation, flatulence, diarrhea, vomiting, and gallstones, mix three drops of nutmeg oil with warm sesame and rub your tummy or add five to six drops of nutmeg essential oil to warm bathwater. However, be careful when consuming nutmeg essential oil. It should only be taken in small doses.

nutmeg oil uses

7It Enhances Cognition

Since nutmeg oil stimulates the brain, it can, therefore, alleviate stress and mental exhaustion. It's also believed that nutmeg oil helps enhance your dreams, making them more colorful and intense. Moreover, this oil is an effective remedy for depression and anxiety.

Nutmeg essential oil is well established in homeopathy. In ancient Roman and Greek civilizations, nutmeg oil was a common brain tonic, despite its relatively high cost and rarity. The oil also enhances concentration and can boost your overall productivity at work and school.

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8Treats Respiratory Problems

Nutmeg can be found as an ingredient in many cold rubs and cough syrups. It’s very effective in relieving cold and congestion symptoms. It’s believed that this essential oil can help in the treatment of asthma. In many cases, asthma attacks are triggered when elements come into contact with the respiratory tract, such as allergens, smoke, pollen, perfume, warm or moist air, and dust.

As a response, the sensitive respiratory airways produce a strong allergic reaction. Presently, there’s no definite cure for asthma. But the condition can effectively be managed through home medications and remedies to prevent it from jeopardizing the life of the patient.

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Since nutmeg essential oil is a powerful stimulant, it shouldn't be used by people with epilepsy. Also, lactating and pregnant women should consult a doctor before using this oil and exercise extreme caution. Children under the age of six should be kept away from this oil to avoid complications from sensitivities.

Be aware that excessive use of nutmeg oil through either ingestion or inhalation can cause hallucinations, delirium, visual impairment, and prolonged sleep. It acts as both a stimulant and a depressant for your central nervous system. An overdose can lead to vomiting, convulsions, and delirium. Consult your physician or aromatherapist before you start using any herbal oil, including nutmeg essential oil.

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